To our WPQHA family:


On behalf of the Western Pennsylvania Quarter Horse Youth Association I, MaKayla Fuchs-Utlak, would like to thank all of you for your support this year. As the All-American Quarter Horse Congress quickly approaches we would like to thank all of you for your donations. Without you we would not be able to compete in the National Youth Activity Team Tournament. Thank you for coming out and participating in our various fundraisers this season.


We would also like to thank our sponsors this year. We had many generous sponsors that donated items towards our various fundraisers this year. These generous sponsors included Hold It Blanket Number Holders, Zippo, Rome Feed, Gut Health, Family Farm and Home, Small Town Shine, Mand D Paving, Cheryl’s Cowgirl Closet, Patty Schooley, Ross Enviromnental Services, Inc, and The RossWay Group. And, a very Special thank you to all the trainers that donated a month of training to support the WPQHYA organization this year. We would like to thank you all for your generosity, it honestly meant the world to us.


I would also like to personally thank our advisors, Kyle and Laurie Jones, you guys did a great job of organizing us all and helping to make this season a great one! Thank you to the other officers this year, Vice President Colton Shelton, Secretary Alana Fuchs-Utlak, and Treasurer Ally Hill. To you all, thank you for all of your help with organizing and carrying out our fundraisers this year. And to our team, without all of your participation we would not have had such a successful time with our fundraisers! And lastly, a huge thank you to all of our parents!


Thank you for allowing your children to participate in our event and be on the team! Thank you for your participation in our events as well!


And to my fellow team members Ally Hill, Colton Shelton, Caleb Beasly, Kelsey Greer, Alyssa Galownia, Brynn Hilliard, Alana Fuchs-Utlak, Emma Evitts, Morgan Thomas, Keegan Wallace, Melissa Burton, and Gabriella Basco I cannot wait to represent such an amazing association with all of you! We hope you will make your way over to the Cooper and Coliseum on October 21st and support our team!


Once again thank you so much! We hope you will all come out and support us again next year!



MaKayla Fuchs-Utlak WPQHYA President


President: Makayla Fuchs-Utlak

Vice President: Colton Shelton

Secretary: Alana Fuchs Utlak

Treasurer: Ally Hill


With a new year comes new opportunities.  Any and all youth who are interested in becoming or remaining a part of the WPQHYA Youth Team are asked to stay tuned to the website, social media venues (the WPQHA Facebook page), and their mail for information. 


The WPQHYA now has a private group for YOUTH! Friend Kyle and/or Laurie on Facebook to be added to the group. Click on their name for a direct link to their Facebook pages. Kyle Jones Laurie Jones


Our WPQHYA Advisors are Kyle and Laurie Jones of Farmdale, OH.  Kyle is no stranger to the WPQHA Youth Association being a 10 year Youth member as well as serving 5 of those years as WPQHYA President.  Laurie was a large part of the Youth Association during that time, being an advisor from 2004-2009.  Kyle and Laurie have assembled a terrific group of youth to represent the Western Pennsylvania Quarter Horse Association and are always looking for more recruits!
Feel free to text, call, Facebook or email Kyle or Laurie at any time.


We would like to thank the youth team members, our advisors, and their parents for such a great representation of our organization.  Also, we would like to thank all the youth and their parents for all their cooperation and hard work with all the fundraisers throughout the year.

A special Thank You all WPQHA Exhibitors, Vendors and Our Special Sponsors for being the “Dream Makers” in these Youth’s lives, to help make their Dreams come true.



WPQHYA now has a private Facebook group. Friend Kyle here or Laurie here  to be added to the private Youth Group. We encourage YOUTH and PARENTS/GUARDIANS to be part of this group so that you can get up to date on events.

7470 Youngstown Kingsville Rd
Farmdale, OH 44416
Email at OldMillBelgians@yahoo.com
Find Kyle on Facebook
Phone: 440.813.8553
Phone: 440.813.1933


Outstanding Youth: Makayla Utlak

All around Small Fry: Gabriella Basco


Front: Alyssa Galownia – Ala Fuchs-Utlak
Middle  Jordan Melegari – Gabby Basco – Michaela Calhoun
Back: Morgan Thomas – Makayla Fuchs-Utlak-Kiara Carroll – Nicole Kanary – Claire Findlay – Keegan Wallace – Abigale Hardy


Shae Keeley, Riley Preston, Kelly Cleveland, Keegan Wallace, Ashley McClintock, Michaelyn Preston, and Michaela Schrim

Ashley McClintock, Brynn Hillard, Christina Spaeder, Keegan Wallace, Maddy Hillard, Morgan Hillard, Shae Keeley, Summer Armbruster