As President, of the Western Pennsylvania Quarter Horse Association, on behalf of the Officers, Board of Directors and their families, We would  like to Thank everyone that attended our 2019 Annual Awards Banquet and extend congratulations to all our winners. A special thank you to all the committees that made this a memorable evening for everyone.

Congratulations to All Our Winners

Thank you for supporting our shows that are orchestrated by our Show Staff, a great ring crew , excellent grounds crew, and of course our hard working directors. Best of Luck to you all in 2020. See you all then.

                                       BILL FUCHS, President 

Jennifer & Shawn Sheesley

2019 Most Valuable Member Award

Mackenzie Maine
2019 WPQHYA Most Valuable Youth

Maddy Begonia

2019 Presidential Award

Asalina Binegar

2019 WPQHA Lead Liner Champion

Ava Grimm

2019 WPQHA Future Horseman Award All

Around Small-Fry Winner

Cheri Pebbles

2019  Okie Wyatt Memorial Sportsmanship Award